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10 June 2022

Kairos & ZoneIn

Learn more about the latest Kairos & ZoneIn integration below 👇 The two will now offer unparalleled control of athlete nutrition alongside streamlined team operations & communications platform… Our latest integration with the ZoneIn nutrition management platform will allow Kairos to offer staff and athletes everywhere next level autonomy of the moments that matter, maximizing […]

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Boston Bolts Partner
28 October 2020

Kairos and Boston Bolts partnership

Boston Bolts are a key partner for Kairos in the US. The club operates in the greater Boston MA area, and 14 of the club’s teams currently benefit from the Kairos platform. These teams participate in a number of leagues, including the MLS NEXT academy, the ECNL League, and the New England Premiership.  The staff, […]

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15 October 2020

Kairos and the Scottish men’s international football team announce partnership

Kairos, the experts in planning excellence for elite sports teams, are proud to announce a new partnership with the Scottish men’s international football team.  Kairos is now working with the Scottish senior men’s squad and backroom staff to provide an intuitive, robust, and secure way to manage all of their internal scheduling and communications. The […]

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30 September 2020

Kairos and Forest Green Rovers announce partnership

Kairos, the experts in planning excellence for elite sports teams, are proud to announce a new partnership with EFL League Two side Forest Green Rovers.Kairos is now working with the Forest Green squad and backroom staff to provide an intuitive, robust and secure way to manage their intense schedule of matches, training sessions, meetings, etc […]

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Super Shot Zone netball
29 July 2020

Keeping ahead of unexpected rule changes

While everyone is trying to adapt to these new and challenging times, for some sports it is not just the pandemic posing challenges for them but also new rule variations. For a variety of reasons, sporting rules are in a constant state of flux and evolution at present. With recent examples such as VAR in […]

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Bundesliga Yellow Seats
4 June 2020

Learnings from the Bundesliga’s return

Elite level sport is slowly returning after the COVID-19 crisis, but in a very different form with games behind closed doors and truncated fixture schedules to get the current 2019-20 season finished. A few weeks ago, we looked at how the world of Elite Sport would look in this new landscape. Germany’s Bundesliga has led […]

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14 May 2020

The world of elite sport post Covid-19

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty in the elite sports world. Major international sports events like the Olympics, The Euros and Copa America were all moved to 2021 and almost all major national sports leagues have been postponed, or, in the case of top level sport in […]

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6 February 2020

The role of diet & nutrition in sports performance

It is no secret that in the modern world of elite sports, nutrition has become a vital variable that can influence the performance of an athlete. It is not by chance that we often read about athletes’ strict eating regimen. Whether it is the intensive keto diet LeBron James used to lose weight, or Michael […]

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12 December 2019

Periodisation: a systematic planning of athletic training

Periodisation is the long-term systematic planning and division to maximise performance to coincide with important competitions of the season and involves structuring the annual training plan into phases. Utilising a periodised training approach for sports also enables better management of performance variables such as load, intensity, fatigue and recovery. A well-structured periodisation program can enable […]

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7 November 2019

The 4 benefits of strength training for sports performance

Strength training has increasingly become more popular as an additional method for athletes to improve performance in their sport. Whether it is golfers, triathletes or basketball players, the modern sports science community almost unanimously agrees that all athletes can benefit from some degree of strength training. Not so long ago, the common wisdom was that athletes just […]

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25 September 2019

Tackling the stigma of mental health in athletes

AN INCREASINGLY NEEDED CONVERSATION An important, yet often neglected topic of discussion in the world of elite sports, is the mental health of athletes. It is often easy to forget that despite all the accolades, prestige and fame, professional athletes are nonetheless human beings, and like everyone else, can experience a variety of events that can […]

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4 September 2019

Kairos and Northern Ireland announce partnership

The Northern Ireland men’s football team aim to maximise preparation and boost performance of players for upcoming international fixtures, by utilising Kairos’ revolutionary Scheduling solution. Click image to start video Belfast, 04 September 2019 – Kairos, the world’s most effective platform for optimizing the performance of elite athletes, is providing the Northern Ireland men’s football team […]

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27 August 2019

The sportsman flow: a psychological approach to the zone

“ Man, I don’t know, I was just in the zone…” Every athlete has said these words at least once after a particularly successful event. For basketball players, there are “nothing-but-net” games, for tennis champions some tournaments just become streaks of “down-the-line” winners. As a golfer, I’ve had days where my ball and the green […]

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