Senior Back End Developer

Kairos is a platform for professional sports clubs to streamline planning and optimise performance.

As a tailored and dynamic sports performance platform - Kairos optimizes the performance of professional athletes by providing them with a structured tool to engineer and own their bespoke medical, athletic and skill requirements. These features are delivered simultaneously alongside real time insights allowing the athlete to attain peak performance on game day.

Co-founded by Andrew Trimble an ex-professional rugby player with Ireland and Ulster, Kairos, having successfully completed trials within the professional sports arena, is now ready to develop its MVP and deploy at pace to the market and to continually and rapidly evolve in response to a changing and dynamic market.

We are now looking for an experienced Senior Back End Software Developer to join our team. You will have a strong technical background and excellent programming skills. You are experienced in end to end software design and development and possess the ability to develop secure, robust and scalable software products.

As a hugely ambitious start-up with significant traction already we need you to be skilled, wanting to learn, focused, dogged, fast paced and with a huge appetite for being the best and working with the best. We have a strong ethos that values positive intent, teamwork, driven by diversity, has a no blame culture, is patient, efficient and will be a huge success.

You will be responsible for:

  • End-to-end development of new features including code and design, implementation, documentation and deployment
  • Translate design and product documentation into technical specifications
  • Establish, maintain and expand systems architecture and digital pipelines
  • Use new and innovative technologies to create effective, elegant and scalable solutions
  • Engage with clients in a professional manager
  • Mentor junior developers in the team

Skills and experience that we value include

  • Clear thinker and clear communicator
  • Back End web development with Go, C, C++, Java, Perl OR Python
  • Cloud platform experience with: Google Cloud (GKE), AWS, Azure
  • REST API’s & Swagger
  • Continuous Integration tools: GKE CI/CD, Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis, Gitlab
  • Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Good exposure to front end technologies
  • Commercial experience a plus

What We Can Offer

  • An excellent salary
  • Share options
  • High degree of autonomy
  • The opportunity to lead multiple teams delivering a cutting-edge and exciting product
  • The most amazing time of your professional life

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, CV, and examples of their work to [email protected].