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Client Testimonials


Head of Data & Technology speaks to the importance of communication in the Brentford setup. With everything previously being on Whatsapp, important items and documents were constantly being lost without having one centralised location. Now, they host all schedules in kairos allowing for any real-time changes that occur for all stakeholders.

James Young Sunderland

Sunderland AFC utilise Kairos throughout academies, women and mens teams to streamline operations and communication processes ensuring everything is in the one place. Operations staff benefit from the time saving element of our system which hosts the essential operations and communication tools in one place.

Melbourne Rebels

See how professional Rugby Union team Melbourne Rebels use Kairos in their everyday operations and communication processes. Using Kairos as a one-stop-shop for all their Operations needs.

One club, one platform

Simplified Scheduling

For those who waste hours organising athlete and staff, the Kairos schedule is a straightforward solution to your biggest pain points

  • Clear

    One source of truth for all staff & players

  • Efficient

    Save time with templates, appointment management & other helpful tools

  • Powerful

    Create multiple events, sessions & 1-2-1 appointments

Centralised Communication

Communicate professionally with athletes, parents and colleagues through a messaging feature that caters for 1-1 messaging, group chats, and file sharing

  • Informed

    Live updates with event based updates and simple in-app notifications

  • Instant

    Send messages & files in groups or direct to individuals

  • Focused

    Information is always where it’s needed

Empowered Operations

We provide operations staff with a platform built for the nuances of elite sport

  • Oversight

    Operational transparency throughout all departments

  • Impact

    Players and staff only see what they need to

  • Empowerment

    Players take more ownership of their own development



We’re passionate about the platform solving problems, not creating them

Any device, anywhere

Access the platform from your desk, or through the mobile app

Security you can rely on

We use encrypted cloud technology so all your information is secure

Round the clock support

From onboarding to daily use, we’re here to support you

Pricing that works for you

We offer flexible pricing based on functionality and number of teams


It’s built on experience by athletes and practitioners, for athletes and practitioners

We’re agile

We listen to our customers, and are constantly innovating