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Kairos is dedicated to helping elite sports teams across the globe maximise their preparation and performance.

Built by Elite Athletes

Kairos CEO Andrew Trimble had a distinguished career in rugby – 229 caps for Ulster, and 70 caps for Ireland.

He spent 14 years learning from the best coaches and practitioners in the game. One thing that Andrew believed in was an engineered approach to performance. An approach where coaching, medical and performance staff – together with athletes, could create and follow detailed, thorough, and easily adapted performance plans. All with the goal of being perfectly prepared to execute on game day.

The idea for a unified digital planning platform to manage the complexities of scheduling and communications in elite sport was born.

Becoming a Sports Tech Market Leader

Having experienced those challenges first hand, Trimble, along with co-founder Gareth Quinn, engaged extensively with the elite coaches and practitioners from across the world.

They gained the knowledge that would allow them to build a platform that would deliver effectively for the high demands of elite sport.
Having now brought together their own, ever-growing, elite staff team they have designed and built the world’s leading communications platform for the world of sports tech.

Kairos now works with elite teams across the globe – from international football teams to elite youth academies – to maximise planning efficiency and game-day performance.

Careers with us

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Kairos is a market-leading sports tech company that specialises in providing a communications and operations platform for elite sports teams. It exists as an online platform designed to streamline communication, professionalise teams, maximise player engagement and help teams perform better more consistently. We work with elite teams across the globe and many of the world’s […]

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As a tailored and dynamic sports performance platform – Kairos optimizes the performance of professional athletes by providing them with a structured tool to engineer and own their bespoke medical, athletic, and skill requirements. These features are delivered simultaneously alongside real-time insights allowing the athlete to attain peak performance on game day. Co-founded by Andrew […]

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We are now looking for an experienced Backend/Platform engineer to build out APIs for our system.

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We are searching for a Front End Developer who can develop a bold Native and Web product.

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