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Kairos is the most complete communications tool on the market for elite sports teams wanting to drive performance 

Built to Work for you

We’re passionate about the platform solving problems, not creating them


Our platform gets rid of distractions, lazy questions and unnecessary repeated work


Kairos can help you develop a culture of clarity, accountability and excellence


Performance is maximised when staff and players are informed and empowered

You’re in Good Company

We partner with elite teams across the globe to help them achieve excellence:

Communicate and Engage

Elite teams require elite communication. Reduce unnecessary clutter, lost messages, and time-consuming back and forths

  • Team Chat

    Chat 1-2-1 or create specific, customisable groups for messages

  • Real-Time Updates

    Send all communications direct to only those who need to see it

  • Informed

    Share files and documents, and send key updates and information

  • Newsfeed

    Powerful newsfeed and notification functions, on desktop and mobile

Centralise Scheduling

Your team’s calendar and information in one easy-to-access place

  • Flexible Events

    Accommodate any type of meeting, session, 1-2-1 or appointment

  • Schedule Templates

    Draft and edit powerful schedule templates for similar periods

  • Useful Integrations

    View locations on maps and integrate with external calendars

  • Event Based Communication

    Share relevant documents, files or videos and keep all relevant chat in one place

Team Management

Manage key elements of your teams information

  • Managing Information

    Manage players key information and profiles across any team

  • Gain Oversight

    Know exactly where any person is at any point

  • Centralised Platform

    Create and manage teams and groups for ease of managing comms and events

  • Facilities Management

    Manage each team facility usage, including filtering function

Tools for Elite Staff

Kairos been designed by industry practitioners to add value across every department

  • Single Source of Truth

    All staff can benefit from having all scheduling and communications in one place at all times

  • Collaborate

    Coaching staff can share session plans, videos and documents effortlessly within each event

  • Flexible

    No matter team structure, the platform will add value and solve problems

  • Feedback

    Get critical feedback through our powerful forms function

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