The Elite Solution

The platform has been designed by industry practitioners to add value across every department – and the players themselves.

Management and Operations Staff

  • Team Management

    Keep control of all critical staff and player information. Manage player profiles, across multiple teams. No more managing spreadsheets and double-checking information, this is your new ‘one source of truth’.

  • Oversight

    Have complete oversight of your team’s activities and communications. Communicate individually or by group with Kairos Messenger and filter by player or team to see what sessions or matches they are involved in. Use our Facilities Management functionality to view facility usage and availability across multiple teams in your club.

  • Developing Culture

    Kairos is player-focused at its core – it’s designed to not only inform players where to be and when but to allow them to manage key parts of their own schedules. They can take ownership and become more empowered. Kairos puts the tools in your hands to build a culture of clarity, accountability, and excellence.

Coaching Staff

  • Total Control

    Create any kind of session you need. Be it general training sessions where you can draft in academy players, 1-2-1 technical sessions, or, set up your own groups to work on specific technical skills or tactics. Collaborate on draft schedules before publishing, and create templates of recurring schedules to save valuable staff time.

  • Oversight

    Kairos allows you to have complete oversight of team and player schedules, allowing you greater insight and better manage player and staff workload. See availability and monitor attendance of sessions and events. Set availability for 1-2-1 appointments & invite players to attend, without needless back & forth.

  • Inform & Engage

    Keep players informed with session details, scouting reports, training plans & analysis and files. All relevant information is stored in the event itself and easily accessible through the mobile app. Players can be engaged with through the in-app Kairos Messenger function, as well as surveys and event specific communication. Report PDFs or videos back to players and keep them stored chronologically.

Medical Staff

  • Manage staff schedules

    Manage the entire weekly availability of all your medical staff in one central and accessible location. Allowing for maximum control of all 1-2-1 bookings and group sessions, maximising staff time.

  • Empowering Players

    For set appointments, you can let players know where to be and when through live alerts, and request attendance confirmation. For optional sessions, set staff availability and let players request slots that suit them.

  • Single Source of Truth

    No more out-of-date whiteboards, no more scrolling through chat groups. It’s all there on the Kairos web and mobile apps – ensuring staff and players are always on the same page.


  • Game Day Focus

    Kairos eliminates many of the disruptions experienced by elite athletes and helps them achieve clarity of mind in the moment that matters most: game day. All communication and scheduling is clear, on time and only what the athlete needs to see.

  • Empowered

    Players can, if desired, manage key elements of their own schedule. Such as booking any type of medical or physio slots and scheduling their own individual sessions and other commitments. This gives the player greater control of their schedule and helps them feel empowered in their development.

  • Informed

    Working in partnership with other platforms we can provide players with data and information relevant to their performance in a simplistic manner. Kairos Messenger allows players to receive information easily whilst also providing a mechanism to engage with staff and groups.

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