Kairos is the most complete planning tool on the market for centrally operated leagues

Built to Work for you

We’re passionate about the platform solving problems, not creating them


The unified platform allows all the teams in your league to be on the same page at all times. Giving admins oversight, and teams access to what they need


Everything you need to plan and communicate is right there in your pocket, so no matter where people are, they’ll get the message


There are enough challenges in running an elite league. Kairos keeps team specific and league wide scheduling and communication simple

Communicate and Engage

Elite leagues require elite communication. Get teams on the same page and informed in a concise, clear and timely manner

  • Real-time Updates

    Message in real-time to keep everyone up to date

  • Team Chat

    Chat 1-2-1 or create specific, customisable groups for messages

  • Everyone’s Informed

    Share files and documents, and send key updates and information

  • Individualised

    Every team has the autonomy to control their own unique communication

Centralised Scheduling

Get every teams schedules and information in one easy to access place

  • Flexible Events

    Accommodate any type of meeting, 1-2-1 session or appointment

  • Schedule Templates

    Draft and edit powerful schedule templates for similar periods

  • Useful Integrations

    View locations on maps and integrate with external calendars

  • Event Based Communication

    Share relevant documents, files or videos and keep all relevant chat in one place

Team Management

Centrally manage team info, and allow teams to manage their own players and staff

  • Managing Information

    Allow teams to manage their own player profiles, and easily process transfers

  • Oversight

    Know exactly where any person is at any point

  • Centralised Platform

    Create and manage teams and groups for ease of managing comms and events

  • Facilities Management

    Each team can manage facility usage, including filtering function

Tools for Elite Staff

Kairos been designed by industry practitioners to add value across every department

  • Single Source of Truth

    All staff and players can benefit from having all scheduling and communications in one place at all times

  • Collaborate

    Coaching staff can share session plans, videos and documents effortlessly within each event

  • Flexible

    No matter team structure, the platform will add value and solve problems

  • Feedback

    Get critical feedback through our powerful forms function

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