Kairos | Brentford FC Case Study

Kairos is a web and mobile-based centralised platform that helps elite sports teams across the world communicate and operate more efficiently and more professionally across departments, and acts as the single digital interface between staff and players. The platform enables staff to save significant time and drive a culture of clarity and high performance across the team.

Kairos currently supports hundreds of teams from many different sports across five continents, including Premier League, NBA, MLB, NCAA, La Liga, AFL and many more.

In this case, we look at Brentford FC and how they’ve felt the impact of the Kairos platform.

In the summer of 2021, Brentford F.C. celebrated promotion to the Premier League (the top tier of English football) for the first time since 1947. Based in West London, ‘the Bees’ were formed way back in 1889, and play their home games in the modern Brentford Community Stadium since moving in in 2020. 

Often described as  ‘the Premier League’s most innovative and unique club’, they are a club built on pride and ambition. These innovative traits led them to Kairos – the industry-leading platform helping to provide teams with an intuitive robust and secure way to support the club’s squads and backroom staff to simplify scheduling and streamline communications. 

Brentford’s Head of Data & Technology, Luke Stopforth explains the value they experienced using the platform, “ Kairos allows us to dramatically reduce the number of platforms we used to manage all of the 1000s of interactions players and staff would have into one easy-to-use platform. It was a simple decision for us to bring on the platform.”


Stopforth recognised a conflict between wanting his two squads to sit on the same page but found that the standard of communication wasn’t where it should be for that to become a possibility. Recognising this, he noted “the biggest issue for us over the past few years is basically having everything on WhatsApp and we all know what WhatsApp is like, you send your schedule out there, and then suddenly it gets lost in a group when there’s lots of communication going back and forth. So, what we were finding is that players were having to ask for that schedule again, staff were having to ask for that schedule again and so it was important for us to try and move off WhatsApp and bring it into one centralised location.”


Our goal is to help teams enhance their day–to-day communication and operational activities. Solutions often vary as no team is the same, however, the immediate impact the platform had on Brentford is testament to the solution based service we provide: “Kairos has been really beneficial and valuable for us and particularly around the meetings. So being at the training ground, I’m sure as people know, timings and schedules are changing almost every minute, so the moment that somebody changes a schedule or a meeting, that’s automatically updated and pushed out to us with notifications. So, we’re kept on top of any change, whenever it happens. 

I think it’s become really valuable across the whole club, and we’ve got our chefs able to put mealtimes onto the Kairos app, logistics are able to schedule when we’re going to leave, and then the physios are also able to put booking slots on the app as well, so players can literally login and see when the physio is available and book themselves in for a time with them. It’s been a really smooth transition away from WhatsApp onto Kairos for us and I think it’s saved everybody at the club a lot of time which allows the players and the staff to focus more on the performances on the pitch.”

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