COVID-19 management for elite sports teams

The perfect tool to track and manage your COVID-19 related activities

Streamlined and all in one place

Kairos is built on decades of experience in the world of elite sport. We understand the challenges clubs face at the best of times, which is why we’ve developed tools within Kairos to help you manage the myriad of requirements and best practices surrounding COVID-19 that will be in place over the next few seasons. Along with tirelessly looking for ways to add value, and save you time; we also believe that keeping your players and staff safe is of critical importance. This is why we’re offering these tools as part of our core platform, at no extra cost.

COVID testing appointments

Set up and manage COVID testing slots where players and staff can book and amend remotely from their mobile device with appointments being stored centrally. This same functionality is already being used for scheduling COVID-related medical/physio sessions with players and staff and saves a huge amount of staff time.

Track and trace for staff and players

Track attendance and keep a record of all who attend club meetings, events, sessions, medical appointments, etc. You’re able to trace retrospectively who was in what event to control any outbreaks quickly.

Staff can view schedules in real-time

COVID coordinators and other key staff can have oversight of all sessions and meetings of players and staff in real-time, meaning they have peace of mind and control of all COVID related activities.

It’s straightforward

Our COVID related tools are built right into the platform. It won’t add any additional learning time, and you can get up and running straight away.

There’s no extra cost

We know that budgets are tight, so we have made the decision to make these tools completely free of charge to those already using the platform, and no extra cost to those taking up the platform.

You get peace of mind

Knowing that your COVID tracking is comprehensive and in place will free you up to focus on the things that matter – getting on the field and ready for action.