Our response to COVID-19

Kairos has been in operation for nearly four years. Over this time we have gone from a concept to having our solution adopted by elite sports teams across the UK, Ireland, and the US.

Like every company, we have had many challenges along the way… such as, making sure we understood the problems that exist in elite sport, making sure our product was built in a manner that would have a significant impact with elite teams. We had to work out how to secure the capital needed to invest in the solution and how to identify and imbed the right partnerships locally and internationally. Importantly we had to build out an amazing team, with considerable difficulty, to make sure that we can consistently deliver for what is a very demanding market.


In early March we realised COVID-19 was going to hit, and hit hard. We made some quick and important decisions, such as the team working from home, canceling all travel, and made plans to keep abreast of the impact on current clients. We, like many, were getting frustrated, we had this renewed and amazing traction from our big release in February and suddenly this invisible menace was threatening our momentum and potentially everything we had worked so hard to build. This was no different from many clubs who had momentum in their respective leagues, pushing for titles or to avoid relegation.

However,  we quickly realized that many clubs were using Kairos to help with the current upheaval and many new clubs were keen to learn about how Kairos could help them. We realised a new and unplanned demand for Kairos  to plan and manage the remote, and individual, plans for players – whether that be strength and conditioning, rehab, pre-hab, skills or conditioning. Helping to deliver clear and concise communication – making sure that all staff and players are kept in the loop on the latest information, and feeling confident in the processes laid out in lockdown, and with the transition as teams begin to start training and playing competitive games again. 

What’s next

In response to one of the biggest challenges organised sport as a whole has ever faced, we want to make sure we are best placed to be as helpful as possible. We have brought forward the release of the latest version of the Kairos platform – version 17.12, bringing even greater control and detail when it’s most needed. And, even though we ourselves are trying to navigate this new landscape, we would love to chat about how Kairos can help and be used through these challenging times, and beyond. Feel free to email us at info@kairostech.io to start that conversation.


Andrew Trimble, CEO