Forest Green Rovers: Case Study

Learn how Kairos helped push Forest Green Rovers to new levels of success this season through gaining clarity and assurance around their communication and operational activities:

The Club

At the end of the 2021-22 season, Forest Green Rovers (FGR) achieved promotion to League 1 seeing them play in the third tier of English football for the first time in the club’s history.

While this unprecedented promotion is impressive, the Gloucestershire club are striving for excellence off the pitch too. FGR have been recognized by FIFA as ‘the world’s greenest football club’, and by the UN as the world’s first Carbon Neutral club. A club that is innovative and ambitious to their core have even updated their shirts which are made from recycled coffee grounds.

With this innovation and desire to streamline their operations, they were led to Kairos: the industry-leading platform. Providing an intuitive, robust and secure way to support the club’s squads and backroom staff to simplify communication and streamline team operations, Kairos is helping FGR achieve their goals for the next season. FGR Director of Football, Rich Hughes on the value they are seeing from the platform: “It’s brilliant, and it’s allowed us to eliminate the use of WhatsApp at the football club. It’s been really beneficial across all departments – from performance to operations to the players themselves, they’ve all seen the value”

The Problem

“We felt there was a lot of inefficient communication going on, a LOT of information…”

Often, FGR found themselves using multiple platforms meaning different elements of schedules or plans were being stored in ad hoc locations. As a result, players and staff alike were becoming increasingly confused which caused further disengagement from the everyday granular activities that clubs rely on to function. 

Small moments like having to ask where dinner is or at what time become quite time-consuming. A certain level of repetitiveness arises when everyone’s asking the same questions about a team dinner or something along those lines.

The Solution

Kairos has removed a lot of noise for FGR. The ability to update staff, players, and teams in real-time has become invaluable and ensures everyone is on the same page, something FGR struggled with prior to using the Kairos platform. 

Head of Sports, Tom Heulin:

“We can set specific events, specific meeting times for players, for appointments, gym appointments, medical appointments. So, if we split the groups or we have a pilates class or a strength session or whatever it might be, we can send it to the specific players.

Rich Hughes:

“We felt there was a lot of inefficient communication going on a lot of information and the Kairos platform has allowed us to put all that together, keep it stored in one place and make sure everybody knows what’s happening on a live and up-to-date basis, which, when you’re running a lot of teams across the football club is really important and really helps streamline all the communication.”

We started using Kairos 18 months ago now, I don’t think we can imagine ourselves using anything else now.

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