Kairos and Boston Bolts partnership

28 October 2020

Boston Bolts are a key partner for Kairos in the US. The club operates in the greater Boston MA area, and 14 of the club’s teams currently benefit from the Kairos platform. These teams participate in a number of leagues, including the MLS NEXT academy, the ECNL League, and the New England Premiership

The staff, players, and relevant parents/guardians, use the platform to provide an intuitive, robust, and secure way to manage all of their internal scheduling and communications. The online platform provides the tools to ensure all matches, training, and any other scheduled activity is centralised in one easy to access place. Team communications are timely and relevant to each user while ensuring players are more engaged and empowered.

Boston Bolts Partner
Boston Bolts

Boston Bolts’ Director of ECNL says;  “From the first time we used it, it was clear that it was a MASSIVE improvement on our planning. We now use it across our 14 different teams with every one of the players and parents informed and up to date on all of our scheduling and communications.”

“With such a huge array of users, it’s really critical that we use a tool that is robust and adaptable to our needs, and kairos provides just that. We’re delighted to continue our partnership with them as we look to grow and develop our club”

Andrew Trimble, Kairos CEO and co-founder, We’ve loved building an amazing relationship with Boston Bolts. They are a club that has a huge impact on their community. They’re really ambitious and operate in a really professional way. We love seeing how they use the platform to maximise their preparation for game-day and ensuring they get the most from their staff and players, as well as ensuring that all relevant parents/carers are informed and involved.


Kairos is focused on game day preparation. They are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximising player engagement in elite sports. They equip teams across the globe, including teams from the EPL, EFL, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14, MLS, and international football teams. To find out more about the platform, get in touch below.