Kairos and Marshall University Men’s Soccer

9 September 2021

Kairos and The Marshall University men’s soccer team is proud to announce a new multi-year partnership.

Kairos is a global organization that specializes in planning excellence for elite teams. With an impressive roster of clients that includes soccer clubs from the Premier League, across Europe and North America. The list also includes clubs across many other sports including hockey, rugby, and basketball as well as top international sides. 

The Thundering Herd is their first elite NCAA partner and the collaboration will see them provide the squad and backroom staff with an intuitive, robust, and secure way to manage all internal scheduling and communications. 

With an emphasis on improving on-field performance by reducing off-field stresses, Kairos offers a centralized online platform where all matches, sessions, appointments, and any other scheduled activity is gathered in one easy-to-access location. Team communications are personalized, ensuring players are more engaged and empowered to manage their individual timetable.

Chris Grassie, Head Coach, says;  

“A few of the reasons we’ve become one of the top teams in the nation is our attention to detail and our desire to maximize every moment we have together as a team. That’s why we chose Kairos to manage all our scheduling and communication, the app is the slickest, most powerful, and intuitive platform on the market. We’re excited to work with the Kairos team as we get to work trying to win another national championship.” 

“Partnering with a team like the Marshall men’s soccer team is so exciting for us.” says Andrew Trimble, Kairos CEO and co-founder.

“We really respect what the team has already achieved, and we’re really excited to support them as they try to defend their national championship. They are a team with huge aspirations, and we’re committed to helping them develop their players and enable them to perform”

About Kairos

Kairos is focused on game day preparation. They are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximizing player engagement in elite sports. They equip teams across the globe, including clubs from the EPL, EFL, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14, and MLS, as well as international football teams.