Kairos and Mayo Ladies GAA

25 May 2021

Kairos are delighted to announce a partnership with the Mayo Ladies senior football team. The team will be the first Senior Ladies team in the GAA to use the platform, and we are excited to help them maximise their performance through excellent scheduling and communications.

What is Kairos?

Kairos is an online platform that provides the tools to ensure all matches, group, and 1-2-1 sessions, appointments, and any other scheduled activity is centralised in one easy to access place. Team communications are timely and relevant to each staff member while ensuring players are more engaged and empowered to manage their individual schedules. For the youth teams, critically, Kairos allows a centralised place for all communication with guardians and allows oversight of all activity.

Mayo Ladies Football manager Michael Moyles had this to say about taking on the platform; As an inter county team we value the time that we have together as a group, using it to improve both individually and collectively. While looking for ways to help streamline our communications and avoid unnecessary distractions we discovered the Karios app. The Karios app has already helped us communicate more efficiently and update our players on schedules and more importantly any changes that can occur within that schedule. We have received very positive feedback from players on how user-friendly and useful it is.”

Andrew Trimble, Kairos CEO and co-founder, “We’re delighted to partner with the Mayo Ladies Football team. They are a team that strives for excellence, and we can’t wait to support them in achieving that goal”.


Kairos is focused on game day preparation. They are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximising player engagement in elite sports. They equip teams across the globe, including teams from the EPL, EFL, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14, MLS, and international football teams. To find out more about the platform, get in touch below.