Kairos and Northampton Saints partnership

19 January 2021

Kairos are delighted to announce we are now working with the Northampton Saints squad and backroom staff to provide an intuitive, robust, and secure way to manage the schedule of their internal scheduling and communications. Saints compete in England’s Premiership Rugby competition – possibly the most competitive top tier rugby competition in the world. They have a rich history of winning cups, including the European Cup in 2000 and most recently the inaugural Premiership Rugby Cup in 2019.

Kairos is an online platform that provides the tools to ensure all matches, group, and 1-2-1 sessions, appointments, and any other scheduled activity is centralised in one easy to access place. Team communications are timely and relevant to each staff member while ensuring players are more engaged and empowered to manage their individual schedules.

Saints’ attack coach Sam Vesty says; “I’m delighted that we brought Kairos to the club. For me, my job is all about game day results, and having Kairos in our back pockets means that players and staff can focus more of their time on their performance.”

The players have also already benefited hugely from using the platform, Northampton and Wales Fly Half Dan Biggar adds; Detail is key for a player that wants to perform at the highest level. And for me, Kairos has massively helped me manage the day-to-day detail of elite sport. With Kairos I can just pull out my phone and have my entire weekly plan right there; I can see where I need to be and when, I can communicate directly with staff and book medical sessions that suit me, and loads more.

Andrew Trimble, Kairos CEO and co-founder, “For me personally it’s always a delight to see elite Rugby teams benefiting from Kairos. Northampton are prime examples of how to run a club in a professional and ‘always improving’ way, and we’re really happy they’ve taken the decision to maximise their preparation and performances through the Kairos platform.”


Kairos is focused on game day preparation. They are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximising player engagement in elite sports. They equip teams across the globe, including teams from the EPL, EFL, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14, MLS, and international football teams. To find out more about the platform, get in touch below.