Kairos integrates with Performance Nutrition Platform ZoneIn

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with performance nutrition platform ZoneIn!

This partnership ushers in a new era for Kairos as we integrate with a platform that offers unparalleled control of athlete nutrition alongside our streamlined team operations & communications platform. 

Our latest integration with ZoneIn will allow Kairos to offer staff and athletes everywhere next level autonomy of the moments that matter, maximizing every step of the preparation process. ZoneIn exists as the premier nutrition control platform for elite sports organizations. The digital platform allows for teams to offer personalized meal planning, nutrition analysis & data reporting, as well as integration with key AMS systems. The platform offers a unique and empowering experience for the athlete: they can log and monitor all nutritional information from their phone, saving valuable time. The seamless integration of the two platforms will offer one place for staff to control and monitor athlete performance and behaviour. 

Kairos CEO, Andrew Trimble on the partnership: “We’re all in on any partnership that will enhance the performance of athletes globally, saving all stakeholders valuable time and energy. The science driven data behind sports nutrition is only the start of teams delving deeper and harnessing control of their athletes nutritional input. This partnership will allow teams to take full control. We are so excited to work alongside the ZoneIn team as our partnership continues to evolve with some exciting projects in the pipeline”. 

This added layer to our platform consolidates our position as the market leading, cutting edge communications tool, built with elite sports teams in mind. Serving those with ambitious goals and a desire to drive performance everyday…


Kairos is focused on game day preparation. We are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximising player engagement in elite sports. We equip and empower teams across the globe, working alongside organisations from the Premier League, the EFL, the MLS, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14 and international football teams.

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