Podcast Episode 6 | James J Claffey & Alan Byrne

6 July 2021

James J Claffey is a global sport, exercise, and performance psychology consultant. He’s has been a lecturer in sport and exercise psychology for the past 12 years, and has worked with Irish international soccer and rugby players. He’s also worked comprehensively with GAA (football and hurling) clubs for over 15 years at all levels. In the business arena, James has provided organisational psychology workshops for the likes of Facebook and Google.

Alan Byrne is a Sport and Exercise Scientist with an MSc in teaching and learning. He;’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is currently DOC at Lourdes Celtic football club and lecturer in Sports Sciences. He’s got 20 years of experience coaching in multiple field-based evasion sports including UK, Ireland, and US collegiate athletes.

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