Podcast Episode 9 | Tom Young

15 November 2021

Tom Young has worked with teams and individuals at the highest level of professional sport. Providing psychological support to organisations and individuals from the world of rugby union, football, boxing, rallying track & field and golf. Most recently he’s been part of the coaching team to European golfer Tommy Fleetwood and worked as a consultant to St Helen’s Rugby League, the Belgian national team ahead of the world cup in Russia and the victorious European Ryder Cup Team in Paris 2018. Tom is also the author of the critically acclaimed book ‘The Making of a Leader’.

We are excited Tom joined Andrew Trimble for this episode of The Game Week Podcast to discuss The Psychology of Preparation in Elite Sport. Listen to learn more about:

  • why being open and honest is a sign of mental strength not mental weakness & why coaches should encourage an open team culture
  • why extraversion does not necessarily equal confidence
  • why it’s important to really take time and understand a player and their purpose before trying to strategise with them

The Gameweek Podcast

The Game Week Podcast is about taking a deep dive behind the scenes of elite world sport. Each month, former Ulster Rugby player Andrew Trimble invites world-class practitioners to learn about their stories and how they manage their game week with the aim to demystify the secrets behind elite sports performance.

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