How Kairos improved communication for the University of South Alabama

We sat down with Richard Moodie, Head Coach of the women´s South Alabama team, to tell us about his experience with Kairos. We were very interested in knowing how the app had been introduced to the team and what aspects it had changed. The use of the application has meant an improvement in the productivity and communication of the team for the last season.

Q: Before using Kairos, how was the communication?

A: Nothing was centralized, communication was not as clean as it is now. Communicating something to the team was a challenge because you didn’t know who had received your message or who was going to attend, also, making last-minute changes was so challenging because you knew that half of the team wouldn’t receive the calendar update, and you’d get tons of messages to clarify things or ask you the same thing you’d just told them.

Q: What challenges did you face every time you needed to communicate something?  

A: We couldn’t change the schedule like now because it was difficult for all the players to be on the same page. Getting all the departments in sync was a daily challenge. I think truthfully we wasted a lot of time unnecessarily trying to make sure the right people got the right message.

Q: How many applications/platforms did you use to manage the team?

A: If you could text, email, survey tools, instant messaging tools – the list goes on! Having to check the notifications of each one made communication much more awkward. 

Q: How much time did you spend managing schedules and communicating with the team before Kairos? How has that changed?

A: More than double the time we use now. The app has been a lifesaver in terms of time saved, now I can focus on other important aspects of my job. Thanks to the application we have much more time to dedicate to other parts of the management duty. I’d say personally I save a couple of hours a week and I know my colleagues feel the same. 

Q: Each team is different and faces different problems. What problems has Kairos solved for you?

A: The synchronization of the whole team has undoubtedly been one of the facets that has improved the most. Working as a team sometimes means becoming a single being that works in a synchronized way and the application has made it possible for us to work in this way, anticipating the needs of our players and improving two-way communication.

Q: Introducing a new tool is sometimes complicated. How was the implementation by the team?

A: Thanks to the Kairos team it was very simple. A member of the customer success team explained to us how the application worked through a video call, making us try the different tools that the application has and explaining how to maximize the productivity of each of them. Then we took care of explaining it to the team members. They didn’t have much trouble understanding it, it was a simple job since the application is very intuitive – it had loads of new functionality but in a familiar way. Besides, the Kairos team were also offering support throughout the implementation process in case we had any doubts or problems.”

Q: The platform has many features, which ones do you consider essential for your team? What makes them indispensable?

A: The calendar is now essential for us now, I don’t know how we did it before we had the app! It is so simple to use. Making 1-2-1 appointments is a sinch, setting up recurring sessions, physio availability, all these things we’d never thought of being valuable are now at our fingertips! In addition, being able to add or change things from the mobile phone at any time means that half of my problems are solved, in addition, we can also see which players have problems attending or if it is better to change the time of an event due to unexpected cases. Without a doubt it is something that has changed my day-to-day, it is an incredible tool.


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