Ulster Rugby: Case Study

We recently caught up with staff and players at Ulster Rugby to hear about their experience with Kairos to date and how exactly the platform has contributed to a culture of high performance and the day-to-day running of the club. 

Kairos provides elite sport teams with a platform that drives ownership and accountability  amongst players and staff. We understand that every player within a team faces their own unique victories and challenges in their elite sport journey, and Kairos helps to remove many of the pain points and difficulties that a player will experience in working towards achieving their goals.

Specifically Kairos allows players to take ownership of their personal schedules removing the noise and distraction that exists with other communication platforms. Bryn Cunningham, Operations Director, spoke of how the Kairos platform “allows the players to book and manage their own appointments on their schedule, doing it live in real-time. It allows them to have their own bespoke dashboard, so while they have all the team events on their schedule, they can also have their own individual ones within that and it just makes life a lot easier and a lot more efficient”. Through recognising that elite teams are made up of professional players and athletes coming from different cultures, experiences and setbacks, Kairos eliminates the noise and lets those athletes and players consolidate their performance on the one platform. Focusing on the moment that matters: game-day.

“It allows you to see what your schedule is at the start of the week nice and early, so you can plan your week and where you need to be at certain times, what days you have off, what’s your main training session…For me personally, I love that it gives you the start time and where you need to be at certain times so you’re arriving on time and you’re not late for meetings”. Ulster First Team player and Scrum half, Nathan Doak, outlining the simplicity and ease of use of the Kairos platform. With growing demands in the elite sporting environment that drags players and athletes in different directions, having one platform that hosts the essentials is key to fostering and cultivating a high performance environment where players can flourish, knowing the small details have been taken care of with Kairos.

Bryn Cunningham recognised further, the agility of the platform, “I think the great thing about Kairos is it’s a one-stop platform.  With professional sport your schedule is changing all the time, it’s very fluid so that ability to be able to update quickly and get it out efficiently to all your stakeholders is really important and Kairos answers all those problems.” 

While the 2021-22 season has concluded and friendlies are already in the calendar for the 2022-23 season, we wish the team the best of luck as preparations begin for the incoming season and look forward to being a part of the journey.