Newcastle United to use Kairos

The upcoming 2022-23 season brings a new opportunity for Kairos to evolve all aspects of Newcastle United’s elite communications & management system as they prepare for another season competing in the top flight of English football.

Kairos will be welcomed as the official supplier of the club’s organizational & management needs, covering all aspects of staff & player administration as well as the smooth sharing and communication of schedules, events, facilities and any other relevant information necessary to the successful day-to-day running of the club.

Dan Hodges, Head of Performance:

“The Kairos platform will allow all staff and players at Newcastle United to stay connected and communicate effectively in an easy manner, which will help with planning on a number of areas such as travel and training schedules, general updates and events.

Kairos have a proven track record of working with a number of clubs and the mobile app is a welcomed addition to streamlining our communications at all levels from academy personnel, throughout to first team players.”

What can Newcastle’s Premier League staff & players gain from Kairos in these circumstances? 

Through consistent use of Kairos’ new dashboard feature to share all key information with first team players and academy parents alike, stakeholders will have access to the right information, at the right place and time. With real time updates from your mobile – teams will have more time for other elements critical to their overall performance.

Indeed, cultural excellence is a frequently used term in the elite sporting environment but through the clarity, accountability and excellence achieved from daily use of the Kairos platform, we know the team culture will grow resultantly. We believe there’s a few components that will allow teams to stay present this upcoming season. Staff can request deadlines for certain events, documents or surveys, meaning the everyday, granular activities are guaranteed to be complete. 

Hear from Conor Branson, Sales Director at Kairos on the announcement, “’We’re delighted to be working with Newcastle United. It’s a really exciting time for the club and we’re looking forward to playing a part in that journey with both the first team and the academy.”

We wish Newcastle United the best of luck in the upcoming season, and cannot wait to see how the side benefits from using the Kairos platform!

Ulster Rugby: Case Study

We recently caught up with staff and players at Ulster Rugby to hear about their experience with Kairos to date and how exactly the platform has contributed to a culture of high performance and the day-to-day running of the club. 

Kairos provides elite sport teams with a platform that drives ownership and accountability  amongst players and staff. We understand that every player within a team faces their own unique victories and challenges in their elite sport journey, and Kairos helps to remove many of the pain points and difficulties that a player will experience in working towards achieving their goals.

Specifically Kairos allows players to take ownership of their personal schedules removing the noise and distraction that exists with other communication platforms. Bryn Cunningham, Operations Director, spoke of how the Kairos platform “allows the players to book and manage their own appointments on their schedule, doing it live in real-time. It allows them to have their own bespoke dashboard, so while they have all the team events on their schedule, they can also have their own individual ones within that and it just makes life a lot easier and a lot more efficient”. Through recognising that elite teams are made up of professional players and athletes coming from different cultures, experiences and setbacks, Kairos eliminates the noise and lets those athletes and players consolidate their performance on the one platform. Focusing on the moment that matters: game-day.

“It allows you to see what your schedule is at the start of the week nice and early, so you can plan your week and where you need to be at certain times, what days you have off, what’s your main training session…For me personally, I love that it gives you the start time and where you need to be at certain times so you’re arriving on time and you’re not late for meetings”. Ulster First Team player and Scrum half, Nathan Doak, outlining the simplicity and ease of use of the Kairos platform. With growing demands in the elite sporting environment that drags players and athletes in different directions, having one platform that hosts the essentials is key to fostering and cultivating a high performance environment where players can flourish, knowing the small details have been taken care of with Kairos.

Bryn Cunningham recognised further, the agility of the platform, “I think the great thing about Kairos is it’s a one-stop platform.  With professional sport your schedule is changing all the time, it’s very fluid so that ability to be able to update quickly and get it out efficiently to all your stakeholders is really important and Kairos answers all those problems.” 

While the 2021-22 season has concluded and friendlies are already in the calendar for the 2022-23 season, we wish the team the best of luck as preparations begin for the incoming season and look forward to being a part of the journey.

Learn more about the latest Kairos & ZoneIn integration below 👇

The two will now offer unparalleled control of athlete nutrition alongside streamlined team operations & communications platform…

Our latest integration with the ZoneIn nutrition management platform will allow Kairos to offer staff and athletes everywhere next level autonomy of the moments that matter, maximizing every step of the preparation process.

ZoneIn exists as the premier nutrition control platform for elite sports organizations. It allows for teams to offer personalized meal planning, nutrition analysis & data reporting. The platform offers a unique and empowering experience for the athlete: they can log and monitor all nutritional information from their phone, saving valuable time. The seamless integration of the two platforms will offer one place for staff to control and monitor athlete performance and behavior.

With the integration everything is synced up perfectly. You can create a seamless workflow through accessing each athlete’s ZoneIn profile right from Kairos, and vice versa.
If there’s an update within ZoneIn for one of your athletes, you can be rest assured that they’ve seen it, as all ZoneIn notifications are pushed right into the Kairos newsfeed.
Athletes can take control right from the Kairos platform too. With a single click, they can navigate to their ZoneIn profile and manage their nutrition from there.
Athletes will never miss a meal. ZoneIn scheduled meals will sync up automatically with your Kairos calendar. They’ll even include any recommended food that nutritionists might set for each athlete. 

This added layer to our platform consolidates our position as the market leading, cutting edge communications tool, built with elite sports teams in mind. Serving those with ambitious goals and a desire to drive performance everyday… Why not find out what you and your team can achieve with our ZoneIn integration?


Kairos is focused on game day preparation. We are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximising player engagement in elite sports. We equip and empower teams across the globe, working alongside organisations from the Premier League, the EFL, the MLS, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14 and international football teams.

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La plataforma de comunicación y operaciones de deportistas de élite

Kairos existe como la única interfaz entre el personal y el jugador, lo que significa ahorro de tiempo para el personal y mayor eficiencia y enfoque para todos.

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Kairos and Setanta College announce new sports tech partnership

Kairos and Setanta College have today announced a partnership that will see the company’s technology become the preferred communications and operations platform for Setanta and will be integrated into their learning systems.

There are a number of elements to the partnership, including the inclusion of Kairos as a case study for Setanta students, bringing the platform closer to the future of the sports world. The innovative sports tech platform will also be integrated with Setanta’s athletic development consultancy division, Setanta Performance. Setanta Performance oversees all aspects of athletic development for elite teams such as Tipperary GAA from academy to senior level, along with clubs such as Bishopstown GAA.

setanta college kairos partnership

Kairos CEO Andrew Trimble on the partnership: ”We are very excited to collaborate with an institution like Setanta. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to develop what we do and help athletes and practitioners deliver in efficient and effective ways. Setanta are massively forward-thinking and practical in their philosophies and we’re excited to work alongside them in future projects.”

Setanta College is an internationally renowned provider of higher education in human performance, sports science, and performance psychology. Headquartered in Ireland, Setanta College also operates campus locations in the UK, USA, South Africa, Italy, and India, led by a team of highly experienced academics and practitioners who count some of the world’s most prestigious sports organisations as clients. Recently, the college has expanded its offerings to include the development of performance structures through its consultancy practice Setanta Performance and in the community through Setanta Wellness, bringing a science-based approach to health and fitness to the general public.

Setanta’s Director of Coaching and Performance Des Ryan commented on the partnership “The partnership with Kairos helps us provide a high-quality communication and operations platform for the sporting organisations we support. Andrew and the team at Kairos have a great understanding of the realities of high-level sport and the complexity of individual planning and logistics. The platform brings all relevant information to one point and helps share it in a safe and user-friendly way. We have already greatly benefited from using the platform and most importantly, there has been great feedback from the players and coaches.”


Kairos is focused on game day preparation. We are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximising player engagement in elite sports. We equip and empower teams across the globe, working alongside organisations from the Premier League, the EFL, the MLS, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14 and international football teams.

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How Kairos improved communication for the University of South Alabama

We sat down with Richard Moodie, Head Coach of the women´s South Alabama team, to tell us about his experience with Kairos. We were very interested in knowing how the app had been introduced to the team and what aspects it had changed. The use of the application has meant an improvement in the productivity and communication of the team for the last season.

Q: Before using Kairos, how was the communication?

A: Nothing was centralized, communication was not as clean as it is now. Communicating something to the team was a challenge because you didn’t know who had received your message or who was going to attend, also, making last-minute changes was so challenging because you knew that half of the team wouldn’t receive the calendar update, and you’d get tons of messages to clarify things or ask you the same thing you’d just told them.

Q: What challenges did you face every time you needed to communicate something?  

A: We couldn’t change the schedule like now because it was difficult for all the players to be on the same page. Getting all the departments in sync was a daily challenge. I think truthfully we wasted a lot of time unnecessarily trying to make sure the right people got the right message.

Q: How many applications/platforms did you use to manage the team?

A: If you could text, email, survey tools, instant messaging tools – the list goes on! Having to check the notifications of each one made communication much more awkward. 

Q: How much time did you spend managing schedules and communicating with the team before Kairos? How has that changed?

A: More than double the time we use now. The app has been a lifesaver in terms of time saved, now I can focus on other important aspects of my job. Thanks to the application we have much more time to dedicate to other parts of the management duty. I’d say personally I save a couple of hours a week and I know my colleagues feel the same. 

Q: Each team is different and faces different problems. What problems has Kairos solved for you?

A: The synchronization of the whole team has undoubtedly been one of the facets that has improved the most. Working as a team sometimes means becoming a single being that works in a synchronized way and the application has made it possible for us to work in this way, anticipating the needs of our players and improving two-way communication.

Q: Introducing a new tool is sometimes complicated. How was the implementation by the team?

A: Thanks to the Kairos team it was very simple. A member of the customer success team explained to us how the application worked through a video call, making us try the different tools that the application has and explaining how to maximize the productivity of each of them. Then we took care of explaining it to the team members. They didn’t have much trouble understanding it, it was a simple job since the application is very intuitive – it had loads of new functionality but in a familiar way. Besides, the Kairos team were also offering support throughout the implementation process in case we had any doubts or problems.”

Q: The platform has many features, which ones do you consider essential for your team? What makes them indispensable?

A: The calendar is now essential for us now, I don’t know how we did it before we had the app! It is so simple to use. Making 1-2-1 appointments is a sinch, setting up recurring sessions, physio availability, all these things we’d never thought of being valuable are now at our fingertips! In addition, being able to add or change things from the mobile phone at any time means that half of my problems are solved, in addition, we can also see which players have problems attending or if it is better to change the time of an event due to unexpected cases. Without a doubt it is something that has changed my day-to-day, it is an incredible tool.


Kairos is focused on game day preparation. We are the world’s most effective platform for simplifying scheduling, streamlining communications, and maximising player engagement in elite sports. We equip and empower teams across the globe, working alongside organisations from the Premier League, the EFL, the MLS, Premiership Rugby, Pro 14 and international football teams.

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Brentford FC Case Study

Learn how Kairos has transformed Brentford FC staff and player communication

In the summer of 2021, Brentford F.C. celebrated promotion to the Premier League (the top tier of English football) for the first time since 1947. Based in West London, ‘the Bees’ were formed way back in 1889, and play their home games in the modern Brentford Community Stadium since moving in in 2020. 

They have been described as ‘the Premier League’s most innovative and unique club’, and they wear that badge with pride. It was this innovative and ambitious mindset that led them to Kairos – the industry-leading platform that provides an intuitive, robust and secure way to support the club’s squads and backroom staff to simplify scheduling and streamline communications. 

Brentford Head of Data & Technology, Luke Stopforth spoke to us about the value they are seeing from the platform: “To compete at the very highest level, you need to have the tools in place that can maximise staff and player time. Kairos allows us to dramatically reduce the number of platforms we used to manage all of the 1000s of interactions players and staff would have into one easy-to-use platform. It was a simple decision for us to bring on the platform.”

The Problem

Stopforth continues; “Communication for us is integral to what we do at the training ground. It pretty much knits everything together. We’re a small group at Jersey Road with the first team and the B-team, so I think it’s really important for us to bring both those squads together and make sure that everybody’s on the same page. I think the biggest issue for us over the past few years is basically having everything on WhatsApp and we all know what WhatsApp is like, you send your schedule out there, and then suddenly it gets lost in a group when there’s lots of communication going back and forth. So, what we were finding is that players were having to ask for that schedule again, staff were having to ask for that schedule again and so it was important for us to try and move off WhatsApp and bring it into one centralised location.”

The Solution

“Kairos has been really beneficial and valuable for us and particularly around the meetings. So being at the training ground, I’m sure as people know, timings and schedules are changing almost every minute, so the moment that somebody changes a schedule or a meeting, that’s automatically updated and pushed out to us with notifications. So, we’re kept on top of any change, whenever it happens. 

I think it’s become really valuable across the whole club, and we’ve got our chefs able to put mealtimes onto the Kairos app, logistics are able to schedule when we’re going to leave, and then the physios are also able to put booking slots on the app as well, so players can literally log in and see when the physio is available and book themselves in for a time with them. It’s been a really smooth transition away from WhatsApp onto Kairos for us and I think it’s saved everybody at the club a lot of time which allows the players and the staff to focus more on the performances on the pitch.”

To find out more about how Kairos can transform how your team communicates – get in touch here.

Grant for Research & Development

We are proud to announce that Kairos Sports Tech Ltd has received a Grant for R&D support from Invest NI for its investment and growth plans. This project is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which contributes to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, as well as aims to reinforce economic, social and territorial cohesion in EU regions and cities.

Kairos Sports has received the investment for the Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020, which aims to improve our platform and keep researching in the industry of sports technology. Our core objective is to help elite sports players and clubs own and improve their performance through our communications and operations platform.

We are fortunate to be part of the ERDF journey that focuses its investments on several key priority areas. Kairos has been selected for the “Research & Innovation” grant, which will allow us to expand and grow our PAWS Sports Performance Platform, an advanced and secure integrated app and cloud-based product that delivers new innovative functionally. In this project, we want to exploit and leverage the platform to build and develop a trusted product that is easily scalable and suitable to help elite athletes to be prepared mentally and physically to perform.