The Long Term Advantage of Using Kairos for Team Operations & Communication for Major Competition

“Rugby is a team sport and the biggest message over the past year and more is that if there is alignment and striving towards a common goal then great things can be achieved,” – Deon Davids, Springboks Assistant Coach

In an interview after the 2023 Rugby World Cup Final, the South African Springboks assistant coach Deon Davids was quoted talking about alignment and one common goal.

In the top flights of sport, getting world class teams on the same page can be difficult, with years of planning involved… Sports fans and supporters often see the end product: the contest between two world-class teams.

After the Springboks Rugby World Cup victory, there was a lot of talk about marginal gains, how the South African coaching staff made some key decisions that contributed to the Springboks edging out the New Zealand All Blacks who were also chasing the Webb Ellis Cup for a fourth time. 

With years of planning and decision making for teams involved in any world cup, it’s crucial that operations and coaching staff begin looking into any available marginal gains early on.


Kairos is empowering elite teams around the world to remove background noise for athletes, maintain focus and consolidate better decision making, planning and international travel processes.

To unite a national team, bring them together around a common goal and understanding of each other’s roles both individually and collectively is a huge task. Even aligning vision and strategy among staff, before any athletes get involved can be tantalisingly difficult… Which is where Kairos comes in. We’re helping teams facilitate the many layers of vision, strategy and overarching goals so that at the end of the day, all the answers are at the end-users fingertips, on our system. 

While the Springboks were already using the Kairos system ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, they wanted to share their Kairos schedules in a digestible format to engage players in the lead up to and throughout the 2023 Rugby World Cup. The brief was simple: find a way to show the schedules, announcements, video and imagery they already had access to on their phones and desktops, on a digital screen so it was in one easy-to-view place in any chosen location.

Inception of Kairos TV

In the years leading up to the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the Springboks operations and coaching staff came to us in search of a solution that would host key information like schedule, videos, images, meal times and announcements as well as any other key updates on screens. These screens could be in their training grounds, a hotel, a locker room, anywhere that their team might need all their key information in one, easy to view place. 

Kairos TV allows teams to share schedule information, announcements, messaging and both video and imagery on the screens within their training ground, stadium or hotel.

Through Kairos TV, admin users will scan a QR code, bringing their live schedule, video and any other rolling announcements to a digital screen in any location. Meaning every TV can display unique schedules,  information and content, relevant to that particular team or area.

In alignment with the user-experience of Kairos generally, administrators can create their own theme, build their own layout and customise each TV to display whatever content is the most relevant to that particular screen. Kairos TV allows the content to be shared, announcements to be made and live changes to be displayed in real time. Our multi-day view option, gives teams the ability to view schedules for 3/4/5 days in advance. Ensuring everyone is well prepared and focused on the task at hand.

Rassie Erasmus, South Africa Rugby’s Director of Rugby commented, “The Kairos app has been a revelation for the Springboks, and has become a vital tool in our planning and preparation for test matches…

It’s an effective tool for any sporting team in their quest for excellence, and as SA Rugby’s Director or Rugby, I highly recommend this app to all sporting teams”.

Thank you, Springboks!

At this point, we want to take this opportunity to thank the Springboks operations and coaching staff for a collaboration like no other. On what has been one of our most exciting project and product releases yet, we are proud to continue supporting the 2023 Rugby World Cup champions through all future endeavours.

If you and your team would like to consolidate your Team