Introducing: Kairos TV

Our latest product, Kairos TV, is already revolutionising the world of Elite Sport!

Kairos TV is a revolutionary new product which allows teams to share schedule information, announcements, messaging and both video and imagery on the screens within their training ground, stadium or hotel. While Kairos TV has recently been rolled out among key teams competing in major competition, we’re delighted to announce its official release. 

With this latest release, Kairos has responded to a sea-change in how training grounds operate and how staff communicate to players. Through Kairos TV, admin users will scan a QR code, bringing their live schedule, video and any other rolling announcements to a digital screen in any location. Meaning every TV can display unique schedules and information, relevant to that particular team or area.

In alignment with the user-experience of Kairos generally, administrators can create their own theme, build their own layout and customise each TV to display whichever schedule is the most relevant to that particular screen. Kairos TV allows content to be shared, announcements to be made and live changes to consistently be displayed.

Commercial Director, Conor Branson commented, ‘Designed in consultation with numerous clubs, Kairos TV is an innovative solution that solves a consistent problem: sharing information simply, safely and effectively throughout elite sporting environments. With Kairos TV, teams can now have a digital ecosystem that allows them to communicate and operate efficiently.’

Fundamentally, Kairos TV seeks to increase engagement by providing athletes direct access to screens with their team’s plans embedded throughout their natural environment. Removing possible distractions, helping to minimise use of mobile devices in team settings, and importantly, giving coaches, who often carry the mental load of keeping everyone on time, the peace of mind needed to lead their team through their day.

Kairos TV is the latest addition to a system that already caters for the unique workflows required of Team Operations staff throughout elite sport. The release of this industry leading feature speaks to the simplified nature of the Kairos product. Accessible technology solutions are often hard to come across in the elite  sport ecosystem – whether it be for academy setups, women’s or men’s teams. 

It’s not necessary to configure the TV every day, meaning once it’s set up it will update daily as you make any relevant changes on the mobile or web app, with the ability to share multiple days schedules. 

We’re delighted to share that Kairos TV will make an appearance at Training Ground Guru Live where the football industry will connect and network.

Kairos TV offers the elite club solution. If you would like to discuss adding it to your team, schedule a quick demo today!